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We Live on the Most Amazing Planet in the Universe
...and there is none other like it that we know of !

Human actions have had a negative impact on Earth's life-support systems. We are witnessing the perils of a rapidly changing climate more than ever with rising oceans, radical weather events, and fire storms. However, we can all step-up and do something to help protect the health of our incredible life-sustaining planet.

It is a huge task for us all to embrace, but even a small thing like making your home more energy efficient, or buying a car that helps reduce carbon emission, or purchasing sustainable products can help create a more positive future.

As an architect, I feel a sense of responsibility to use my gifts to help improve our situation as much as I can. Since buildings consume at least 40% of the total energy used in the United States it is my goal to promote reducing the carbon footprint and energy consumption in the homes that I design.

Homes for the 21st Century: Zero Energy/Zero Carbon Homes

Through advanced energy technologies and construction techniques these homes can reduce the amount of energy needed to live comfortably while producing renewable energy that matches the total energy consumption over the course of the year. It is a pay-it forward model so that the occupants will have a carbon neutral home with significantly lower energy bills.

Design Strategies to achieve zero energy include:
  • Designing with the Sun using solar architecture principles
  • High performance building design & installation for improved comfort
  • Air seal the entire building envelope
  • Maximum insulation
  • Quality installation of insulation
  • Design and quality install of efficient HVAC and ventilation systems
  • High performance windows and doors
  • Energy efficient appliances and lighting
  • High performance water heating
  • Solar PV system
  • Building performance testing

JMH Architecture has always strived to include energy efficient components in all design projects shown throughout our website.
These components include:
  • Sunshading devices, such as trellises or overhangs designed to shield the hot summer sun from south facing glass doors and windows;
  • Maximum insulation;
  • Added thermal mass, such as thicker sheetrock or tiled surfaces;
  • Roof sheathing with attic radiant barrier;
  • Energy efficient and Energy Star rated appliances and HVAC equipment;
  • High performance windows; minimized east and west facing glazed openings;
  • Attractive energy efficient lighting fixtures;
  • Day lighting;
  • Photovoltaic (solar electric) and solar water heating systems;
  • Efficient HVAC systems and duct work

JMH Architecture is also committed to promoting and implementing green building standards whenever possible. Good green building practices offer many benefits for homeowners and the environment.
These benefits include:
  • Lower energy and water bills
  • Fewer indoor air pollutants
  • Less time and money spent on maintenance
  • Greater comfort
  • Better quality and durability
  • Satisfaction that comes from protecting the environment